Patreon <-> Forum Integration

In order to better integrate with our services we’ve enabled Discourse (Forum) integration. By default this will automatically add users to the patron group who have the same email address on their forum account as their patreon account .

Being a part of the patron group entitles you to access:

As is the same with the Discord #supporters channel.

These channels can be used to talk about your perks, potential new perks, and they also act as a dedicated and exclusive channel for supporters to talk. I try to achieve a 100% response rate to queries sent to me in these places.

You also get the patron forum title and icon. See here: Our patreon supporters - Dark Gaming

As well as the forum badge: Patron badge on Dark Gaming

This post was also posted to our patreon page


the problem is for some/most people that supporter price is high af


Well, the server costs are over 10x that price. So people not being able to afford it is not really relevant. Reducing the price wouldn’t help us because we’d end up being even further under the monthly costs.


Yeah but maybe implement cheaper tiers too. Tbh getting patreon is not really that worth it, i think it could be cooler if it gave dp/xp/creds multiplier


I also feel like once the server gets updated to 1.4.4 or a lot of the lag gets fixed, there will be more people considering buying patreon. Currently, there are more staff members than Patreon users, the only two who have a Patreon thing is Lmfoa and someone else, and the supporter chat here on the forums and in discord are basically dead.


yeah i agree with not reducing the 9$ tier, but it could def help to add like a smaller tier, perhaps.


tbh now looking into it, not that much people made multiple patreon subs. Maybe make custom/privates a permanent purchase, i think it would have profitted much more


I wasn’t in the server at the time but I think you should reimplement the option to buy credits. It could help with prices & it’s just another income source as the patreon isn’t sustainable.


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