Paleblood Hunters

Paleblood Hunters

Obligatory Blurb?

The Palebloods are a group of blood-addled hunters, dedicated to hunting down notable figures within the PvP community. Your rank inside the clan is determined by your combat prowess and the amount of bounties you’ve completed.

UwU What’s this?

Well… It’s yet another PvP based clan. Now before you start yelling at me about “pvp clans are unfair, and take away our enjoyment” or some other complaint, do note that this clan IS NOT about ganging up on people who are more skilled than you or that kind of rubbish.

So now you’re probably all confused, wondering: “If this isn’t about that, then what on earth could this possibly be?”

Basically it’s a clan that revolves around a “Bounty System” with prizes like DP, Titles and Credits. With occasional events hosted by me or @InjectuousPotato

Bounty System

Bounties are placed on random figures within the PvP community, with the amount of DP increasing based on their rank/pvp prowess.

It goes something like:

White: 1 Kill, 500 DP
u0a: 1 Kill, 300 DP

Claiming Bounties

Bounties are claimed by sending a picture of the kill through a certain channel on the discord server. (Link at the bottom)

Obligatory Ranks?

Queen : Leader of the Paleblood Hunters.

Bloody Crow : A malignant figure, shrouded in blood. Title given to the person with the most bounties.

First Cavalier : The Wolf, . Blade of the Queen and a high ranking noble. His/Her signature weapon is the scythe.
Second Cavalier : The Dragon, . Bulwark of the Queen and a high ranking noble. His/Her signature weapon is the sword.
Third Cavalier : The Manticore, . Leader of the Royal Guard and a high ranking noble. His/Her signature weapon is the lance.
Fourth Cavalier : The Phoenix, . Master of the Arcane Arts and a high ranking noble. His/Her signature weapon is magic.

Royal Guard : Protectors of the Queen, and the most skilled hunters.

Duke : The Duke/Duchess, . A high ranking noble and a skilled hunter, tasked with resolving issues within the Palebloods.
Marquis : The Marquis, . A high ranking noble, tasked with nurturing the next generation of Hunters.
Count : The Count/Countess, . A noble who has shown great potential as a Hunter.
Viscount : The Viscount, . A low ranking noble, tasked with the training of Knights.
Baron : The Baron, . A low ranking noble, one that has proven himself exceptional amongst his peers.

Knight : Low ranking Hunters who serve the queen. Called Knights for the sake of appearances.

Servant : Palebloods who have yet to earn the title of Knight. Servants of the nobles.

Application Process

I asked permission from rofle to add this invite, so no worries there

Applications for Paleblood, Kite Clan, Vendetta, and Team Runic are handled in the discord server.

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