This is a semi-updated thread with some information for people new to this category.

What is this category?

During the early stages of the development of a new game, its topics and progress are being posted to this category as a means to bootstrap a community around it. I am the only person working on it at this time.

Overview of Concept

Explore a procedurally generated world embodied with the elements of Fire, Water and Earth. The world is brought to life by a pixel physics engine and its focus on magic. Arrange your arsenal of spells to fight bosses, explore various biomes and steal the most powerful spells of magic from its protectors.

Supported Platforms: PC (Windows / Linux)

  • Single-player
  • Online Co-op
  • Full Controller Support
Minimum Requirements

Minimum System Requirements:

  • CPU: 2.7 GHz Dual Core
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • VRAM: 512 MB

At minimum system requirements, you should be able to run at:

  • 1080p @ 30 FPS
Recommended Requirements

Recommended System Requirements:

  • CPU: 3.5 GHz Quad Core
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Dedicated Graphics
  • VRAM: 512 MB

At recommended system requirements, you should be able to run at:

  • 1440p @ 120 FPS

Note that the game is CPU heavy due to the pixel physics engine.

What to Expect

At this stage, what you see is not a complete game, not a demo and not a slice of a game. There’s no content to play through.

At present, people interested in helping will test out functionality and features, in some cases to give feedback and in other cases to help fix bugs or in testing performance.

You will be able to participate in discussions and polls that will directly affect what is implemented.

Overview of the game as it exists right now

The view is more zoomed in compared to Terraria, so the blocks will appear bigger (note, not all screenshots below are at full size, some are cropped). This is so that each piece in the falling sand engine is small enough relative to a block, but that there is not too much of it on-screen to cause performance issues.

Preview Screenshots

View Preview Screenshots

Full image:

And then I accidentally left clicked:

Falling Sand Engine / Pixel Physics Engine

Peek 2023-06-19 11-58

Tiles and Walls

The world is built out of tiles (blocks) and walls which are mineable and placeable, just like in Terraria.

Crafting Stations:

image The workbench is used for tier 1 crafting recipes.

Protection in the form of:

  • image Boots
  • image Ward
  • image Lining

Furniture Items:

  • image Wood Door
  • image Chest


  • image
    Lantern Light
  • image
    Charged Dig

image The cooking pot is used to cook dishes.
For example, a simple recipe is 2 carrots giving you cooked carrots:


The player in this game is different than Terraria. I plan to add some customisation options for colors, but most likely not different clothes, this is due to specific animations being used for spell casting.

Preview of Spells
  • Cast Spells

  • Dash (on a cooldown):
  • Flame Shot:

Displacement / Inferno Strike / Inferno Pound / Flame Shot are spells. In this game, instead of there being weapons and tools, we have spells. Some spells are considered basic (e.g. Inferno Pound, Displacement), these are the least powerful spells but they have no cooldown. Other spells (e.g. Inferno Strike) are more powerful but are on a cooldown.



Preview of Fighting




The world itself is built to be generated in chunks, like you might have seen in games like Minecraft. This means the world itself is much bigger than a large world in Terraria and you can travel long distances before you will reach the edge. In normal gameplay it is not expected for players to reach any of the edges.


The inventory currently mimics that of Terraria’s inventory. As tests progress, it is likely to change to better serve the differences in gameplay.

A spell on cooldown:


So far there are no finished tracks, only some in-progress that may or may not be used.
Here’s the list at the moment (soundcloud cut off the first half second of each track D:)

Music Tracks

Next Upcoming Test

In the next upcoming test there will be a focus on getting feedback on the following:

  • Fighting enemies with 5 different fire spells
  • Digging and exploring with 4 utility spells
  • Finding materials to craft 2 tiers of gear
  • Performance/Compatibility + Bug Finding