Overhaul for Rift, Survival, and Items and a FAQ in Rift/Survival

Many people come asking questions like “How to log in?”, “how do I get crew?”, “Why can’t I craft this 1.4.3+ item?”, and it becomes somewhat annoying for people to ask these questions daily and such. I suggest that on RIft, there should be a FAQ sign addressing login, server functions, and news (such as the server not being on 1.4.4 aside from Items and Rift). Essentially, a sign with stone letters with an arrow saying “READ ME” to a sign with rules, frequently asked questions, forums links, links to dtp, etc, would overhaul the user experience and provide less clutter in chat.
Also, make the /items dimension bigger, have better labeling (many categories such as dyes have potions mixed with them and wings are in armor, not equips, causing confusion)


For frequently asked questions, go to Frequently Asked Questions