Optional playtesting for maps

As you may know, in order for map to be released, it needs to be playtested. A lot. This has major flaws:

  1. Reduces creativity (reference to Untimely incident, 21/05/22)
  2. Obviously longers process of creating
  3. Removes individual prefers (maybe creator wants some exact weapon to be in map, but ptesters and Durtle say no due to imbalance or difficulty of usage, or again, reference to Untimely incident)

Maybe allow map creators to release their maps without playtesting, but also make those maps grant no dp/xp until they are properly playtested either by community feedback in #zombies-general (discord)/ingame or private playtests. If you still want your map to be playtested as hell for balance - there is nothing stopping you

Maps would be more unique
Much more maps would be released at MUCH higher speed as there is no required playtest.
Maps will be exactly as creators want them to see, probably boosting their interest in making more

What did happen there? Did people say the P and B word for being too creative? Was there that 2 hackers went there infront of 3 mods? Was there a person who was kicked for all caps?

Here I agree because you need very much luck to get 5 people especially if you have too little charisma, i. e. just so much that the admins won’t ban you suddendly but you are trusted for map builder that you don’t do chaos.

Better it would be additionally to make them vote only


no we (and by we i mean multi payman) had to rework all chests just because idea of one coded class and 4 subclass chests was boring and dull (according to Durtle, literally everyone else beloved idea) even though it was never used


all i can hope is that i didn’t make it worse where i added a bit of my ideas lol(specifically “secret” chests)


couldn’t agree more with this
if it’s in public then there is a chance it makes people hate them and that could make some rands stop playing, and from rands come pros as well just with time