[Open]The Beginning of Gauntlet Hell

At this point in time Lilian has decided to make a “Hardmode” Gauntlet for every normal mode that I make. Knowing her these will ridiculous but will not come without a greater reward, perhaps double or even triple what you can win from my own easier gauntlets.

For each opening of Lilian’s Gauntlets there will be a prize awarded to the first person that is able to complete it under her supervision of course. I will set the prize suggested by her as well as the information regarding this sort of event.

The First-Time Completion Reward:

5 Credits -

The Rules:

You must be a verified crew member to take part in this event as you will not be able to change certain areas to allow yourself to progress.

You may get one attempt per day to count towards the challenge, you must follow all instructions exactly this meaning if you have an item on (even vanity) or something that wouldn’t effect that current stage there will still be an instant Disqualification. There are no Warnings. It is your responsibility to practice and memorize exactly what is allowed and what is not in each location. This will make it easier on the people moderating your attempt to ensure there is no cheating.

For your attempt to count you must be supervised by Lilian

  • At this point in time no one else is verified to watch you.

This will be open at all times until a first completion is claimed and until that time no other rewards can be given out.


Please announce here if you are going to make an attempt. I’m a bit busy, so it would be nice to know when I need to get on to watch.