[Open] Magic Missile Catastrophe

A while back I created a house of Magic Missile mazes; I had the intent of hosting an event. The point of this event is mainly to drive people insane at the fact that it’s incredibly hard to complete these. Once you complete a set of 3 Magic Missile Mazes, you will be rewarded with a special Title. (or Tag) The way this works is that you simply have to catch me online at any time, ask me for permission to enter the Magic Missile House, and attempt one of 3 sets. If you complete a set, you get a reward, and the option to do the big Maze at the top of the house. You get a total of 15 minutes to attempt this big Maze, if you fail, you cannot attempt it again. You also cannot win more than one prize from the sets. Meaning that if you complete 2 sets, you only get one prize. You also have to have me supervising in order to get a prize. However you can practice at will, or challenge friends to complete the mazes if you wish.

    [b] *PRIZES* [/b]

thisisjustaspacefiler| Title | Tag |
First Set - | Inconceivable | Astounding |
2nd Set - | Unrivaled | Phenomenal |
3rd Set - | Blessed | Unmatchable |
4th Set - | Supreme | Legendary |

Oh that’s right, I forgot to mention. There are 8 prizes, meaning there can only be 2 winners for each set. You don’t get both of them unless nobody claims them after a long long time. This isn’t a race, you must remember, there is only a time limit for the final one, and you cannot practice the final maze. Good luck to all who attempt!

Also, I have all the prizes in my inventory, so nobody worry about how I will send it to you. You must simply be a high enough level to trade. If you complete one and you aren’t the level requirement I will hold onto until the reward until you can get to said level

* NOTE *
Box was kind enough to make a warp plate to the location in spawn, so it is no longer necessary to ask for someone to take you there.

I’m interested :smiley:

Update, I have received my commands and I now have the ability to go to my T1 again, All issues are fixed! (or at least they should be)

Bump, I am still available to watch while anyone partake in the event

I would but just the matter of catching you when you’re on xD

Just a word of warning to all who wants to participate, it is not easy, actually really damn hard. Good luck to those who will try.