Old account DTP broken.

I have an older character that I used to play on the server but now my name in chat is stuck as it is is now. I log into DTP and There’s no Items to switch out/remove.

Character name: OmniVerse

Had to make a new account for the site since I couldn’t remember what my old account was.
I would just make a new account on the server with a new character but I cannot. When I try to do so it says I have another character, and to use that, but that was like 3 years ago that that character broke.

i would really appreciate it, if it could get fixed.
deleting the account would also be fine.

p.s. Sup Avery :wink: (if you read this)

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Heya man! Been a while :smiley:

You need to do some PvE, PvP. or Zombies to gain some DP to spend on upping your EXP efficiency. After you do that, you’ll gain EXP the same way you gain DP. Upon leveling up you’ll get a lootbox to open for the items. You can also just vote assuming you’ve leveled up once and it isn’t broken xd

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Thanks Avery, I’ll try that.

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