[Official] Razorvenom's Challenge Games!

So what is this challenge games jujitsu all about?

These are a set of challenges that I have made for any player with Crew to complete.

How does it work?

Well, you complete the challenges I will give you, and you will be monitored ingame by either me or Lord Avery. These aren’t just stuff that can be mastered by the average Terrarian, this will be hard.

The Challenges!

Razorvenom’s Terraria Challenge Games:

  1. Beat a player in PvP with no armor and magic weapons.

  2. Get to round 5 in zombies in less than 3 minutes.

  3. Build a working mob farm in 20 seconds.

  4. Hit 20k DPS with a Horsemans Blade.

  5. Gather 5 R5-R10 titles/tags/colors in 2 days

  6. Dodge 2 attacks in a row with a Black Belt from Enraged Duke Fishron in PvE

  7. Defeat the Moon Lord [Which will be implemented in PvE soon, from what I hear] with pre-hardmode armor.

  8. Build a suitable NPC home in 15 seconds

  9. Kill a boss in PvE in less than 3 seconds.

  10. Build a parkour map which is 100x100 blocks in 10 mins


1st Place Prizes

  1. A colored R11 Title - [Terrarian Dominator]
  2. 10,000 DP
  3. A set of /home commands

2nd Place Prizes

  1. A Title - [True Terrarian]
  2. 5,000 DP
  3. A /selfname command

3rd Place Prizes

  1. A (Challenger of Cthulhu) tag
  2. 2,500 DP
  3. 3 shades of any color

Application Format:

1. IGN

2. Timezone

3. Hours on Terraria

If you have any questions, ask me in private or reply to this thread. First to finish is the winner, gl

ew no

ew yes

Ew id like to see you complete all of those before you challenge others :v

lmao I have

You forgot: Create a new world and acquire a slime staff off of the first slime you kill.
Kill an individual in PVP that averages a 3+ KD with a broken copper pickaxe, no Armour and under the consumption of the Red Potion. Kill Moon Lord in one tick lol. Spot Bvery on the server.


um… dat boi?

I have done all but 3 of these, which I’m yet to even attempt. Of course, I’m doing them purely for fun, though.

And I hope you are having fun with them, currently 4 people have started with it

Looks more then challenging but im in.

Ill give it a shot… Might take me a while tho… knowing who I’m up against, I’m going to lose on doubt, but it’ll be fun none the less, I’m going to still do in even if this is closed, so don’t stop me

These challenges are close to impossible with a teeny bit of possible chances to complete. I agree Raz said these aren’t accomplished by any average players, but with some of the weapons, debuff and buffs are tweaked plus the PvE boss configurations are done and and gathering titles, colors and tags in 2 days (which you need to stay awake for 2 STRAIGHT days, and it’s very unhealthy) are merely close to what more is impossible. Dammit Raz, you should know these already. I’m not against the idea here Raz made, it seems fun and adds a bit of challenge, but really… So yeah.

Or maybe I’m just too lazy to do it idk ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Forgot to mention, what IF Raz and Avery are not present to monitor applicants? Would there be substitution?

You know… I just beat the tag challenge… actually not that hard…