Not coming back.

I am truly sorry that this has to happen. I know that I was inactive for quite a while, and I’m sorry. It’s just that I have had some changes in my life. My responsibilities have become far too complicated to continue being active on the server. I’ve started to walk the right path through Christianity, and my school work is becoming stressful. I will truly miss all of you, and I shall remember all of you throughout my life on Earth. I hope you all have blessed and happy lives. Also, if it isn’t much work, create a little shrine to commemorate me on the server as the first Champion, please. I hope you all can carry on with me leaving.

                             XOXO, Terrance

You will be missed, hopefully you will come back in the future :frowning:

I will if the server is still open in 1.3

I can’t wait :slight_smile:

R.I.P Terr Bear

R.I.P Terryberry, you will be missed! </3

Can I copy paste this for my own leaving thread? xD Or just copy paste it here and forget making my own thread… :stuck_out_tongue: Well, will ya be on Skype or anything?

Access granted. Also I sure will be on Skype.

Don’t forget people, you have a special place in my heart.

Shut up and dont say RIP,
terrance is still here, and be sure that I will talk
with you from time to time.