No leveling up from voting

This is something that has happened on the trading system so i assume it is PC and mobile although idk for sure

Dimensions or Services it affects
Going up levels from voting XP. (I have basically been scammed out of like 750,000 xp lol.)

Your in-game account name

How often it happens
It has happened twice to me so far (since i got enough xp efficiency to make voting put me up a level)

Any screenshots or videos showing the bug


Although the first photo doesn’t show my level the proof i have that i didnt go up a level is in the amount of XP needed to go up a level as it is the same in pic 1 and 2.
EDIT to clarify: i reloaded the page and it stole my xp from me both times. This photo is of 2nd occurrence and i still got my loot boxes both times


Depends on what you’re focusing on here, but voting is not supposed to give levels.


I think the xp voting gives you goes down as the level gets closer to the next level.


You know how it gives xp when u vote. It gave me so much that it went out the XP meter. Surely when it reached above the required amount it should have gone up a level instead of just deleting all the xp.


This happened to me for MONTHS before it mysteriously went away.
My solution was to always level up before I vote, if I was more than 20% of the way to leveling up I would go farm plantera and/or qs and level up. Then I would vote so I wouldn’t lose any progress. In fact, I would gain progress.