no ability to register

i was playing on the server and i was registered, i looked back at select characters , and i found i had too many (about fifty) . I deleted one and every single one dissapeared. My registered charter was gone, now as, i cant play as this character and cant play survival or log in or register again. I play on the server and everyone assumes im a noob .

A “registered character” basically assigns a password to a specific character/username. Like someone named John registers with password 1234, anyone named “John” that knows the password could login. And if you didn’t switch computers, it should automatically login once your character name is the exact same - case-sensitive.

All characters deleted glitch? Happened to me too. Were they sent to your recycle bin? If not, do you have any .bak files in your players folder (Documents/My Games/Common/Terraria/Players)? You can rename the filetype of a .bak to .plr (if there are any) and it should restore your player copy.


Do you have restore points on? They sometimes save you too.