NitroSolider Griefing

Grief blocks from my house General-M12 I was watching when he did it with out my permission.
Also I have a Weakness to it Azer so please do something about this mods and admins.
Plus this is the second time that nitro had griefed

Unfortunately the moderators and such can’t take any action unless you provide some proof of this, like in the form of a screenshot or if you have numerous people who have viewed this taking place, also if it is a decent size then leave it and wait for a moderator to come online, they should be able to see who has changed the blocks through the rollback mechanism and fix it in the process.

go check it its still there the griefed

Show me your house when I get on and I’ll fix it.

I can fix it also if you are online at the time I am.

I saw him grief too but I made him fix he didnt know how to cross it

and I have proof!

well, show us this ‘proof’

rigth here

Guys! We don’t need proof xD. Just show us where it is and we’ll roll it back. The rollback will be all the proof we need.

My point was if they had repaired it since then they would need proof in the form of a screenshot or something similar, as that is generally what happens with smaller amounts of grief when the builder is online,

I told you I saw him grief then made him fix it