New Survival Progression

I have to say that the current survival boss progression is definitely unbalanced and doesn’t follow the boss timer correctly. The main issue goes directly to Duke Fishron, a boss that has overpowered weapons such as Tsunami that can be somehow considered the same tier as an Endgame weapon. From all my 3 years of survival experience, Pre/Post Mechanical bosses, Duke Fishron was a must. I rarely did the default boss progression both in 1.3 and 1.4 versions. These days, in Survival, players can defeat Moon Lord on Tuesday or Wednesday which leaves us nothing to do until Friday.

My suggestion is simple and divided in two steps:

1. Duke Fishron

Make Duke Fishron unable to spawn until Golem is defeated. Duke Fishron is drastically affected by server lag frequently. You don’t see it going at its normal speed and as well teleporting back, this results in a easy fight with no effort.

2. Revamp Boss Progression

Boss Time After Reset Until Boss Hits Vanilla Difficulty
King Slime -
Eye of Cthulhu -
Eater of Worlds 1 day
Brain of Cthulhu 1 day
Queen Bee 1.25 days
Skeletron 1.5 days
Wall of Flesh 2 days
Twins 3 days
Destroyer 3 days
Skeletron Prime 3 days
Empress of Light 3.5 days
Plantera 4.5 days
Golem 5 days
Duke Fishron 5.5 days
Cultist 6 days
Moon Lord 6 days

This is a much better progression for Survival. From my 3 years experience on survival, Duke Fishron has always been a way to make a run way too easy. This suggestion should change it.


I should also include an important note, EoL should go to 0.7x multiplier after it hits vanilla difficulty


I agree with everything EXCEPT making fishron only post-golem.

While I agree duke fishron pre-mechs is unbalanced, making it post-golem means a relatively easy bossfight in which you melt the repetitive, laggy opponent with overpowered weapons. I would say only after plantera, as most fight EoL with fishron weapons. Additionally, it’s at a stage in which duke fishron cannot be melted, nor is it completely obselete to beat.
The stuff is op, but people will likely skip duke because better stuff can be obtained from other sources way easier post-golem (eg, lunar events and martians, pumpkin and frost moons, etc).
My suggestion is scoot duke back to only post-PLANTERA, that way EoL’s stage of progression crosses Duke’s like normal terraria. Rarely have I ever seen players actually fight duke post golem. It’s nearly always post-plantera at the latest. I have also found duke’s drops to be a lot less powerful in the post-golem stages, where other weapons do far superior and where duke weapons will be replaced in about a day anyway. Hence, this is my solution.

If it weren’t for the tiny ‘underpowered duke’ issue, I would cast my vote here. Great solution to a problem that’s nagged me for a while.


We want to try a new survival meta. Duke should be disabled due to lag bugs


If it’s only post-plantera I have this gut-feeling that it would be too early

Is it because they’ve already gotten all the loot they wanted pre-plantera?


nope, post-golem duke fishron melts, and it’s really no fun to fight. Additionally, its weapons are replaced in less than an hour later (lunar events and all) so right after plantera is generaly the most legit and efficient way to do it.


Just like all the bosses you fight with his loot. Now would you prefer all of hardmode getting melted or just 1 boss?


Making duke post plant is probably a better idea compared to post golem, as most of duke’s items are outclassed by any pmoon/fmoon drops aswell as eol drops. Nerfing duke to post golem makes him kinda useless to fight, as cultist/ml are unbuffed 12 hours later and are much more worth fighting.


This is what I’m trying to say, yeah.


Wait so that means, by seeing the chart, if, say, I was traveling through the hallowed biome and accidentally killed a Prismatic Lacewing, its likely going to be impossible to get rid of the Empress because of the day by day buff…? I actually travel through there a lot because of the goodies you can get! I usually catch up to 4 lacewings since they sell for quite a bit


I can’t express how much we need this. Survival hasn’t been fun in a long while.


I suggested nerfs to rushing Duke Fishron earlier, and I’m glad a manager is agreeing with me.


Pumpkin/Frost Moon 90% of the times turn out to be a massacre. The loot isn’t ‘shared’, unlike bags, and it’s extremely difficult to live through the later waves unless you build up a decent team or have some tank going nuts. Those actually require a lot of dedication, and it’s also up to players whether to share their loot, or sell it all to merchant.
Don’t underestimate these 12 hours, that’s a LOT of time to do your own things, and your hands always itch to do something. Boss fights are the most attractive in that case.

The whole issue with Duke is his bag being shared across the continent by simply throwing a shuriken at him and then sleeping in a bed until geared people take him down. It creates a whole mess of balance where you get a squadron of people disintegrating everything they look at with his weapons, it makes hardmode a complete joke.


This has been implemented and will be released in the next survival update

Boss Time After Reset Until Boss Hits Vanilla Difficulty
King Slime -
Eye of Cthulhu -
Eater of Worlds Saturday 9:00 PM
Brain of Cthulhu Saturday 9:00 PM
Queen Bee Sunday 3:00 AM
Skeletron Sunday 9:00 AM
Wall of Flesh Sunday 9:00 PM
Twins Monday 9:00 PM
Destroyer Monday 9:00 PM
Skeletron Prime Monday 9:00 PM
Empress of Light Tuesday 9:00 AM
Plantera Wednesday 9:00 AM
Golem Wednesday 9:00 PM
Duke Fishron Thursday 9:00 AM
Cultist Thursday 9:00 PM
Moon Lord Thursday 9:00 PM

the upper table in week days that show in your timezone