New Suggestion Tag (gamemode)

So I was curious what the current list of gamemode suggestions was but unfortunately, some people had horrible titles, so I decided to go through the ones I found in search and tag/rename them.

If you are a regular maybe you can tag/rename any others that I didn’t find.

Some of them are not really fleshed out at all, so maybe I need to put in some kind of guidelines. I also need to apparently re-add the Ant Wars Draft since I can’t see if it was ever posted on the forum or not. That draft is also a good example of what kind of things you need to at least talk about for a mode idea (at least compared to the three sentences that I’ve seen on some suggestions).


Im not an expert on the dont starve seed but could it not be used because, correct me if im wrong, you have hunger in it


seems interesting, maybe i might suggest a sub-gamemode of zombies.

damn thats blunt


I was referring specifically to titles like “New gamemode suggestion!” and “Gamemode idea” which when looking at a list of topics tagged “gamemode” stops meaning anything, so I just made up names based on what they’re describing for those topics.