New post reply and thread create editor

Long-time coming.

I’ve been looking into a WYSIWYG editor for the post reply and thread create textarea’s. Of course, I wanted to do it myself as always and I’ve finally found a way that should work for everyone.

Over at you will notice a functional editor. As you type, press the “B”, “U” and/or “I” buttons to alter the text. You can also highlight text and apply them similarly.

Things that still need to be figured out are those such as quotes. Not entirely sure how I might do those. But anyway, there we go, something that’s been a long time coming and soon to be apart of the whole site for easier editing.


Switched from using iframes to contenteditable with HTML5. Some of the newer stuff being implemented will mean IE7 and IE8 will be incompatible with the new feature. If you are running these IE versions, it is recommended to upgrade to at least IE9. All current other Major Browsers: Firefox, Chrome and Opera as well as their mobile counter-parts (except Opera Mini) will work with this new feature. The latest test can be found over at contenteditable.php. The Edit and View HTML Buttons will not feature in the reply area but may be used later for implementations in things such as Donators Profile Pages to fully-customize the profile page.


Wow, this is pretty cool :smiley:

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