New Feature: Pack a Punch

Since DG Zombies is based of Cod Zombies, why not have a function that makes the current weapon you have alot stronger!
The Concept is simple to understand
Let’s say:

You got a musket with mid damage, and a fast use rate
You just type in chat:

Then you would get a musket, now with
Good damage and a Faster use rate!

The Upgrade would be Percentage wise, (like 25 or 15%) and could be used whenever you want with the only thing restricting you being, is a 10k points fee and of course only being usable once per weapon you wanna upgrade

This could be very usefull on certain items like summons or items like the arkhails on certain maps, allowing you to use them somewhat longer and not needing to replace them

i think upgrading weaps via chests is exactly what creators meant instead of whatever this is