New Clan Suggestion: Knights of the Silver Rose

I would like to start a new clan if possible called The Knights of the Silver Rose (KSR for short)

It will have 14 different clan ranks, 5 for building, 5 for pvping and 4 ‘master’ ranks

Building Ranks

  1. apprentice craftsmen
  2. craftsmen
  3. builder
  4. master builder
  5. licensed architect

PvPing Ranks

  1. Squire
  2. Foot Soldier
  3. Cavalry
  4. Legionnaire
  5. Knight

Master Ranks

  1. master of creation
  2. Knight of the Silver Rose
  3. Head adviser
  4. King/Queen

there will be different jobs with a set number of people (max) per job (this may be susceptible to change)

Chef- 6 with 1 head chef
Town Guards- 12
Smithy- 3
Builder- 8
Electrician/ Mechanic- 4
Farmer- 30
craftsmen- 5 (these make everyday items)
merchant- 10
courier- 2
duke- N/A (these can be any number and will all be hand-picked by the King & Queen)
duchess- N/A (same as above)
Prince- N/A (as above)
princess- N/A (as above)
king- 1 (hand-picked- most likely by queen however head adviser(s) may pick on the queen’s behalf)
queen- 1 (Celest- this is non-negotiable, however she may decide on a second queen maybe)

I really want my clan to work a bit like a town, village, city type place, which means people can live in ‘families’, with friends, by themselves or even in a group of families and friends. they can live in apartments, small houses, standard houses, colonial or suburban houses or manors, they can live on campus in one of the building or pvping schools etc…

I would like to maintain control over most aspects such as jobs etc… however I don’t want to be over controlling or anything

all job apps to be sent to me please via my private messages on the website :slight_smile:

If you would like to be in the clan just reply to the thread.

I really hope this gets accepted :slight_smile:

Just going to warn you before hand. Each Rank built by a Clan takes time and DP. The amount of members in your Clan also effects these (negatively). So for your first Clan Rank to build for example, it could take 3 hours and 1500DP without any extra permissions added. If you had 2 Members in your Clan instead of 1 this would make the DP cost rise and the amount of time to build rise as well. So if you’re planning on a lot of ranks with extra permissions as well, it might take some time.
Final note though, the time taken to build can be reduced if you members of certain Public Ranks in your Clan.

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I would also like to note you do not have to make a clan suggestion. Just post your clan and the info here. Then just create your thread with your clan info. Also, what rofl said :smiley:

With adjustments, this would be a cool clan. I’ll be removing you from the CR then. Would you like to be allies with my clan? :stuck_out_tongue:

sure thing Donuts and thanks everyone else I will adjust it accordingly :slight_smile:

can I join

sure thing Kelly xx

Random here, can i join?

sure Random

Can I join?

okay victor please send me your job app and details on whether you are a builder or pvper and what you will bring to the clan :slight_smile: thank you

May I join? xD

celest we need prince, princess, dutchess and duke rooms

sure thing Slayer please message me your job app and details on whether you are a PvPer or builder

lochie I will sort it out

can I join? BUILDER!!! :smiley:

sure thing