New Capture the Gem Arena!

Seraph and I have been diligently working on this little fun mini-game for a good time, and we are now greatly happy to announce that it is allowed for scheduling CTG events.

We are now allowing CTG events at our arena, PM us or post on this thread of you’re interested. (You have to be crew) we hope you guys will have a phenomenal time at out CTG arena and we look forward to seeing you there. Be ready for tons of tricks, twists, and hilarity at our arena (we have actually played a REALLY fun CTG match with Poor and Ultimate, it was the best time ever).

I have the rules for the CTG matches.

  1. No armor/accessories equipped except those that you find in the arena (Vanity is allowed)
  2. No barricading yourself in your base with 3 gems (2 if only 3 people play)
  3. Have fun!

Extra Info (that you may want to read)
The ‘Special Suit’ allows 3 seconds of uninterrupted defense destruction. You are allowed to remove the armor from the mannequins to use in a match. Any items in the arena are fair game. You can use anything you pick up! Please do not grief and place the items back in the chests, as it is very time-consuming to replace all of them. Terrance will be controlling the traps in the arena via The Control Room. He will announce when to commence and when to cease attacking.

I got suggestions that may help your CTG as I had proposed a similar concept on another server.

Use password locked chests (1 gem per chest if you are playing 3 gems at a time) and only give the password to the enemy team. This prevents the defending party from retrieving their own gems or returning it after killing the attacking team.

This also makes the game challenging as the team that had their gem stolen will have the gem carrying defender to choose if he will turtle in the base to protect the gem or roam and be vulnerable.

Another tip:

Let team A wear a specific dye while the other team an opposite dye. ex. Team A will wear red dye while Team B with Blue dye.

Additional tip, weapons in each team should be uniform like all sniper rifle themed or a melee weapon with no projectile.
No wings.

I can also screenshot an arena I made if you are interested :slight_smile:
I really hope my suggestions can be of helped.

It’s pretty cool. I recommend it to anyone who is willing to play a game! :slight_smile:

It’s pretty cool. I recommend it to anyone who is willing to play a game! :slight_smile: