New Ability idea "fortress"


Unlock via:
survive round 15 with valiant without getting your hp below 50%


WS - summons a giant wall infront of the character and dissapears when destroyed.

SW - summons two walls each side of the character with half of the stats of a single wall summon, if one of the wall is destroyed, resummons the other wall again by casting or using SW.

WW - repairs the nearby walls by consuming hp

  • every 2 rounds/waves: increase wall base hp

round 4: enhanced wall
-knockbacks enemies when wall is attacked, applies only for melee enemies

round 8: enhanced wall
-burns enemies that gets close to the wall, burning wall or a defender asigned on the wall that throws molotov cocktails to ground enemies that gets close to the wall

round 12: enhanced wall
-wall with a magic barrier, generates a barrier that protects the wall from any damage, magic barrier is based on 25% of summon wall hp

-only available to some maps(can be changed)
-player’s attack can pass through the wall summon
-flying enemies won’t be focusing on attack summoned wall, they will just fly above the wall.
-uppon changing summoned wall from WS to SW /SW to WS will destroy the existing/current wall
-the ability will enter cooldown if wall is destroyed to avoid wall spamming
-this ability has a long cooldown
-unable to summon a another wall if wall still stands

Another failure i guess


they upgrade at diff rounds

wdym walls


A sort of player or custom enemy, or something ig


What are the “walls”? How would this be implemented?

Wouldn’t it just be easier to give the wall itself a 25% increase in max HP? Wouldn’t that have the same effect?

How would the wall know specifically to counterattack for melee enemies and not projectiles?

How would you put a sentry of sorts on top of a ‘wall’? You need to think about how to implement this ingame; this sounds like straight-up modding.

Sounds like a pointless restriction. Why would this exist and how would it exist? Why can’t abilities just be available everywhere and to everyone?

Again, how would this be implemented? If the wall attracts aggro from some enemies, it attracts aggro from all enemies.


The barrier regens itself while the wall does not, if players isn’t repairing the wall since repairing the wall consumes hp.


we can just change the enhanced wall into something else then, thorn wall, deals damage to enemies that gets close, or a sustainable defense for the wall like adding damage reduction to make it able to sustain more damage in late game.


make the wall more thicc for the sentry ability users to put sentries on top then, and also the gamemode itself is a mod, they use some kind of tool to change and edit the server that is why the gamemode is very unusual, noticed how other weapon’s looks, projectiles and their damage get changed.


it is said that “(can be changed)”


Here are my thoughts on this ability.

First off, how exactly would you implement this wall? There’s no such thing as a projectile with HP, and I’m not sure if a player counts as a ‘wall’.

See my above comment. How would this work if you already had a wall set up?

Not upgraded on said rounds, though I get the idea.
However, if we are dealing with players, all of this could easily be implemented with certain weapons and armor. I highly doubt we are talking about players here, though, so I’m not sure how this would work.
Also, it’s impossible without modding to place a player on top of a projectile/entity without glitches/lag and still make it able to function. Just saying.

Available to some maps? What maps?
Player attack through walls is kinda a given, though that might be a tad bit too op. This would basically be a tank sentry but with zero direct point cost and manual upgrading.
How would you implement this…? Aggro works on all enemies.
Alr this answers my first question.


Overall, this would be a decent ability if Dark-Gaming were relogic. Unfortunately, dg isn’t, so this idea would be nearly impossible to make without direct enemy/player modifications. Either way, I can already think of 4 different ways off the top of my head to exploit this.

  • Sentry + wall = Minigun and snipers hiding behind walls while emitter sentry frees walls from the majority of damage.
  • Shaman + wall = Shaman spam heals player as they spam heal the towers, making towers practically invincible.
  • Telekinesis + wall = Fling the enemies away from the wall every time cooldown is gone, giving enemies barely a chance to deal any damage. Tower user has adequate time to heal the towers and themselves. (This might just be good teamwork, but it’s still op af)
  • Beach House + wall = invincible player who endless shoots through a wall and destroys enemies while healing right before round end.

can’t they just do like how sentries are summoned?


so the ability itself is good that’s why the challenge itself is hard to get the ability, survive without the hp going less than 50% and survive round 15 or more if needed

when everything is at stake and everything falls down, no choice to fight until death, LAST STAND


tell what you want to adjust and change, pls give me your suggestions to this idea, your replies feels you guys really don’t like this idea or you really guys are?


sentries are actually just players with an AI. what you’re saying is to make a completely new entity with health, tall, and with the ability to put players on it.

I like the idea, I just think it’s extremely hard to implement with your current expectations.


So what about the wizard ability idea, is it possible?


very. It’s definitely possible, though a bit complicated and unlikely to be accepted.