New Ability idea "beserker"

Unlocked via:

Survive round/wave 15 in any map with an ability "valiant"without buying amor upgrades in chest, the system can just see when the players buy an armor in the chest because of the receipt.

By reseaching about beserkers, seems that they don’t wear much protective armor, only likely wear that is from animal skin or pelt, so the challenge is based on this.


-when hp is lower than 35/30% increase damage by 1.5x, if hp is lower than 15/10% increase damage by 2x

SS - summons or the character uses a beserker bale weapon and attack Enemies infront, gain (weak,slow, bleed)debuff after skill is casted for few seconds, this debuff is much dissapears in late game just like how barrage debuff is in early game, releases a slash wave or shockwave infront if hp is less than 50%

Base damage is 25 melee damage

base damage 25+5(x rounds), x is the number of rounds

skill attack size or weapon size increase per every few rounds.

knockback: 5 + 1(x)rounds

cooldown: 15 seconds

Any suggestions to this ability idea?

I like it, but don’t know what the admins will think, for me its kinda like the berserker buff from soul knight.


I’m confused. What’s a “berserker bale weapon”? What do you mean ‘summons or the character uses’—does the character summon a weapon (in which case, how do you know they’ll use it?) or does a summon use a weapon (this seems a bit overcomplicated; if this is what you mean, then why not just have a projectile spawn instead?) or is something completely different going on?

The debuffs for Barrage do not disappear at any point. You just start producing rockets sooner, causing the debuffs to come after them.

What projectile?

Abilities level up at specific rounds, not every round.

What do you mean, “skill attack size”? You’re saying that or weapon size, so I can only assume they’re separate things. Also, how much does the size of… whatever you’re using / shooting / swinging / having something else swing for you (still seems overcomplicated) increase on levelup rounds?

Instead of constantly pushing out new, unrefined abilities with highly ambiguous language and/or impossible / difficult to implement functions, how about you just take some time to really clarify what an ability will do and how it will do it? You have to keep in mind that there are limitations to what the devs can or will do, and also that more people will vote for an ability when they can understand what it does and how it could be implemented. There is no rush to get these ideas out there; you can take as much time as you please.


that’s the weapon looted from the wall of flesh the beserker bale


maybe fd sword one

u prob should mention buffs