Never ending conversation (sequel to NES)

The title says it all. I’ll start with “How’s the weather where you are?”

The weather here is very nice compared to a week prior. It went from cold and icy to warm, and almost all the snow has melted.

That’s mother nature for ya… The one thing she can’t do is make up her mind

Oh Yeah, i haven’t had a single bit of snow since the middle of January, so I may be stuck in school for more time…

This is George the walking fish, he was my best friend before I accidentally murdered him.

Rest in pieces, young George.

I’m wondering if I should make a quiz about which SL character you’re most suited to… Let me know here:

Apparently taking screen shots of the entire map doesn’t work so well .-.

if you press settings then press “Background off” then take another screenshot, it should be better

Just had a guy put on a suit, tell me to tp, then throw me a wedding dress and ask me to marry him.

Here comes the bride, here comes the bride, Insert Wedding Song, Bridal March, Here (Lord is the Bride, not groom)

CaptainChase, eh? I remember him :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel so magical Video

That is currently now meh favorite song :3

Hey Avery

I was banned for life today lol

Yeah, profanity, good job m8.

I’ve no idea when I did that as I was in private chats the only time i swore so :frowning:

why are you bringing this up in this thread, make a ban appeal

I have haven’t you seen

they take a while to show up sorry xD

It’s ok

Avery you there

I got banned hah :wink:

andygaming what you doing