Nerf Lunatic Cultist's Buff Timer (+edits)

In recent cycles, there’s a large gap of time where nothing happens at all between Golem and Lunatic Cultist. One-and-a-half day should already be more than enough time for everybody to prepare for the last bossfights.

If I’m correct, then Lunatic Cultists are buffed until the last day of the week, which is basically a bit too late. Considering that Plantera and Golem are usually beaten within day 3 to day 4 within a reset, that’s way too much.

I don’t think that the Lunatic Cultist should be fought normally on the last day of a cycle, because that leaves so little time to farm the Moonlord or Pillars for certain materials, or even grind OOA and beat Betsy. Considering that Plantera and Golem are normally beaten a bit before halfway through the week, two full days is too much time between bosses, especially since there isn’t that much you need to do between Golem and LC other than just a few events.

Admittedly, the first successful LC fight last week was really fun for me, but the general Survival playerbase does not want to deal with that every time they want fragments.

Given some new information, I think Cultist and Moonlord’s timer should be decreased by half a day, and maybe the cultist’s damage could also be cut so it doesn’t still one-hit a majority of people in the 5th/6th day.

By the sixth day of the cycle, all bosses should be at most not-buffed. By the last day of the cycle (last 24 hours) all bosses should have reached their “debuffed” (as in less health and damage than normal) state.


Yes, it really needs a nerf this system too, i just think the cultist should be debuffed like atleast 2 days, or even 3 days, before reset. On this reset, i couldnt even enjoy my zenith, since it was aleardy almost friday when i got the last zenith material, and i hate play with the feeling of “aleardy going to be wiped today/tomorrow”
Ah, another note, this boss health debuff system, where they get debuffed on literally 12pm, really sucks for people who live on the west of the world, as for example on America (me), making the progress happens on times that we are not able to join, making us need to beg for the important items as picksaw.
Anyways this is worth my vote. +1


Ahh, I see. In that case I still think that Lunatic Cultist does way too much damage (I saw him literally do about 400+ damage or possible more… to me and Water Bottle, who were both extremely high-end tanks.) I don’t think people enjoy constantly dying in a 30-minute (or possibly longer) fight with a boss that always kills them in one hit.

The only reason we beat it in the first place is that there were so many participants at the time, and everyone was respawning right on top of the dungeon.

Maybe just nerf that lunatic’s damage so that it takes him 3-5 hits to kill someone without dodges instead of just 1-2 normally. The fight in the 5th day last week was fun, but everyone hated the constant spawnkilling, the frustration that came from someone always hitting the wrong one then denying they did it, alongside the fact that it took a long time to beat.

I could say the same for Plantera since it also one-shots people without dodging, but given the way Plantera moves I think a Plantera nerf isn’t nearly as needed.

As for Moonlord, there’s not a problem with his damage at all.


Right now the scaling only applies to the bosses health and contact damage not any projectiles it shoots.
Actually it applies to projectiles directly created by an npc but not to any further projectiles from what I can see.


Oh, alright.
Maybe just decrease the cultist’s timer by a day so that his damage won’t be so high and so that he’s beatable in the later half of day 5 like before. That should be more than enough time after Golem for everyone to catch up or gather potion materials to prepare.

Other than that I’d say that the boss scaling system is already pretty good at its job.


This is the current (boss) layout for each cycle:

All times are relative to 21:00 UTC Friday

Boss Time Boss Hits Vanilla Difficulty
King Slime -
Eye of Cthulhu 5 hours
Eater of Worlds 1 day
Brain of Cthulhu 1 day
Queen Bee 1.5 days
Skeletron 1.5 days
Wall of Flesh 2 days
Twins 3 days
Destroyer 3 days
Skeletron Prime 3 days
Empress of Light 3 days
Duke Fishron 3.5 days
Plantera 4 days
Golem 4 days
Cultist 6 days
Moon Lord 6 days


Now that I look at this, I think maybe the first day is actually day 0 which would make the last one day 6, that could account for it being late?


This is really interesting, and it clears up so many things. More people should see this…

Very likely, though I’d still just suggest decreasing the time for Cultist and Moonlord by half a day, so there’s time to get stuff like Pumpkin/Frost Moon loot and Post-Plantera Dungeon Loot.


@Legolas @Eerie @Invisi is this suggestion relevant anymore?

It was implemented