Nerf Crystal Assassin Armor

[What is the actual item/mechanic/thing being targeted?]
Crystal Assassin Armor

[What would you like specifically changed about it?]
Reduce the damage on the Hood and Shirt by 3-4% each.

[Why do you feel that this change is needed?]
Crystal Assassin armor, on all fronts, is the best mixed armor set by a wide margin.

When it was first buffed into relevancy way back when, it was given reasonable damage stats (7% all damage on the hood and pants, 8% on the shirt). But what wasn’t accounted for was the set bonus, granting an additional 10% increased damage.

This set bonus puts C. Assassin’s damage stats over all others by a considerable margin. As an example of this, let’s compare the stats of the second best and most popular mixed set, Crimson Helmet, Gi, and Crystal Assassin pants.

Crystal Assassin Armor’s stats w/ Avenger Emblem, Destroyer Emblem, and Mech Glove:
79 Defense
66% Melee damage
54% All other damage
22% Melee speed

Crimson Helmet/Gi/Crystal Assassin Pants w/ Avenger & Destroyer Emblem
78 Defense
52% All damage
20% Melee speed

As you can see, Crystal Assassin has a subtle advantage in terms of non-melee damage and melee speed, and a significant advantage in terms of melee damage. Crystal Assassin is a literal straight upgrade, and not using it as a mixed set means you’re actively giving yourself less stats.

But where Crystal Assassin is really problematic is when it’s compared to sets focused on a single class. For example, here’s a mage set with very similar defense, compared to Crystal Assassin Armor, but the Mechanical Glove is replaced with a Sorcerer Emblem:

Crystal Assassin Armor’s stats w/ Avenger Emblem, Destroyer Emblem, and Sorcerer Emblem:
79 Defense
69% Magic damage
54% All other damage

Forbidden Mask/Forbidden Robes/Gladiator Leggings w/ Celestial & Sorcerer Emblem
79 Defense
68% Magic damage
38% Summon damage
8% All other damage

Not only is the magic damage less than on Crystal Assassin, C. Assassin still has 54% in all other damage types. Plus, you can still get even more magic damage if you replace Destroyer Emblem with a Celestial Emblem.

Crystal Assassin Armor simply has too much stats because of the additional accessory slot and 10% damage set bonus, which is why the damage it gives should be nerfed.

[Anything else you would like to note]
The reason I want the damage to be nerfed instead of the defense is because (in my opinion) Crystal Assassin should be a first recommendation for a mixed set (due to its additional accessory slot allowing for more choices), so it should have average defense for a mixed set.

Also, the reason the damage on the pants shouldn’t be nerfed is because the pants are still used outside of full C. Assassin, so they should still be on par with other leggings for mixed sets.

You’re right, will be nerfing Crystal Assassin armour.