My Thing For Helper

Q1. What is my Gamer name?
A1. Supermein
Q2. How Often am I on the server?
A2. Im usually on so Im always playing Terraria so Im mostly on for the whole week.
Q3. Why do I want to be a Helper?
A3. I want to be a helper to not just have fun, but to just play the game and do stuff with the other managers and people.
Q4. Will I Prioritize helping others and answering questions that are put to me?
A4. Yes. If i don’t know the answer i usually say "I’m sorry, I don’t know that answer to the question maybe ill look it up momentarily. And Thank you for your Patience. To me, Patience is always a virtue in my life.
Q5. Do i have the Prior and sufficient knowledge to answer many questions that are put in front of me?
A5. As i said before i usually have an answer to all questions, But if i dont i look it up and say like “BRB to answer your question.” Thanks.
Q6. Im 14 and i live in Texas. I have a dog and 2 cats with my family. Im usually playing on the computer. My parents are divorced. and finally… i work on servers spawns.
Thats all! and thanks for reading!

A3. I have been playing on this server for like a month and the people here are AMAZING! All of them respect me and i respect them but why i also want to be a helper is to help with making spawns whenever they are needed, and doing other things so this is 1 reason why i wanna be a helper. Second to answer peoples questions so they feel comfortable in the Server. Thanks fror reading! Supermein.

Add a bit more on Q3-Q5 then I will +1.
EDIT: Nice app +1

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Q3 Why do i Need and Want to be a Helper?
Q5 How and will i have the sufficient and prior knowlegde to lead others and help others with question and answers?

[b]+1[/b] Dis iz a nice app and I’ve seen you on and helping so I’ll give u dis: [b]+1[/b]

this is a great application hope you get helper :smiley: