My IP was banned

I’m using vanilla IPv4, with no VPN, proxy, so theres no apparent reason for the ban.
One notable thing is that my IP location is in China, but that probably shouldn’t put me in blocklist as far as I’m concerned.

Maybe that’s a but or something? Could someone (stuff maybe?) help me with that? Thanks for the effort!

Edit: Because of some unexplainable shit China gov limited the outbound traffic for most non-domestic websites, so I’m currently using a VPN to access the forum. But you have to trust me that I’m really not using VPN to connect to the game server. (


Contact staff for further support

Yes, iirc there’s nothing specifically blocking any country


Thanks for the reply! I used your link to contact the staff, but only discobot replied.
I tried a few more times this week but still can’t connect to server without getting banned.
The problem remains even on cellular data, so perhaps there’s some misconfiguration in your IP blocklist.

As the problem remains, could you please help me grab the staff’s attention? I’m new to the forum and couldn’t figure out a way to pm someone…

And btw, here’s a list of China IPs, might be helpful…

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I can’t really do much, you’ll have to wait till popstarfreas responds

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