My Dungeon got griefed


This is Nosef and a large chunk of the dungeon I created got griefed, I have contacted the mods but I’m still pretty unsure what’s going to happen.

The griefer also placed blocks back on the griefed area, cut the wires and for some reason removed the shadow paints.
I am even amazed how the griefer discovered it as it can’t be accessed easily.

Now, I plan to rebuild the dungeon but it’s region locked. . .

I hope this can be checked.


Post herr the coords of your bunker please and it will be checked by me as soon as I will be able to and repair plus ban the griefer.
About the region lock-reload your inventory.

Position: 536 ft East
Depth: 208 ft Above

Reload = clear items in invent right?

Thanks in advance!

did you mean to just tell everyone the coordinates of ur dungeon?

Why not? So what if he tells everyone?

i thought he didn’t want people knowing where it was

I see it now, your place was right below my villa if you didn’t notice so it was removed as you went into my villa’s area.
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I have removed it by the radius of 60 feet off my villa which is found right above the “destroyed area”.
Just don’t build where you aren’t supposed to.