My birthday comin up

So ye my birthday is comin up and I’m gonna get a butt load of money can u guys recommend games to get and have a reason why to get it so it isn’t spammy like get black bums that was a example

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wapa you dont have to make a thread about every single thing that happens u could just pm us or something!!

Ye but I was asking and it would take years to pm every person on the website

just pm your friends and ask them

Who are my friends

The ppl who act nice towards you (DUH!)

Well, my Birthday was on April 20th… I didn’t need to tell anyone :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Day Of Birth!!! :smiley: For both of you!!!

:smiley: Ha, thanks.

Happy birthday wapa.

I recommend Shank 2. It can be played with an xbox controller and it’s action packed !