Multispawn using Beds

Multispawn using Beds

Allows spawns to be set at different types of beds(Glass, Flesh, Wood), then, left-clicking with the target bed on hand teleports to the bed. That is, setting a spawn at a bamboo bed then left clicking with a bamboo bed in hand teleports to the bamboo bed. In effect, this achieves multiple /sethomes and /myhomes

Default Home

The default home is the home that the Recall Potion, Potion of Return, and other such vanilla items target. By default, this home will be the last home set, but can be overwritten by jumping with the target bed selected in hand.


  • Encourages the use and construction of multiple types of beds and homes

One possible expansion idea is to allow multiple spawns per type of bed, which allows the construction of multiple homes with the same bed type. Cycling between spawns can be achieved by right-clicking with the target bed in hand.