Multiple map creators

Why is there only one editor/creator of a map allowed in the zombies dimension? I’m not sure if this is software made by the server or by some other application, but if it’s possible to have multiple creators, that would be nice, seeing as almost all maps have multiple builders. It’s annoying to have to switch creators whenever one of the other builders wants to make an edit, and I imagine other people have had this issue too.

This is already planned, however there is no ETA


This was probably the fastest suggestion to have been given the “accepted” tag ever then.


We plan to implement this suggestion, which is now marked as accepted and closed to release the votes. Once this suggestion has been implemented, a dev will mark it as implemented, and a final reply will be posted so that everyone is aware.

This is listed as “Allow multiple users to be able to edit a map” on the development timetable:


This was implemented some time around or after v2.0.0