Move the beach away from spawn

To summon Duke Fishron you need a beach and his summon bait. With the beach being so close to the spawn and shop, When Duke is summoned and with him being op the spawn and shop become a kill zone to weak players either afk or going through the shop.

There is no issue with this, the boss known as Duke Fishron does not spawn when the bait is used in the ocean, at least from what I have tried. Also, from talking to the members online (I haven’t been able to test myself), they cannot even use rods without having debuffs applied that stop them.

Plus it’s not like you couldn’t just inform Rofl or one of the mods/admins with item ban abilities…

Fishing rods are curently Banned.

Maybe just ban the truffle worm that summons him from being used. I find fishing fun and relaxing. (mainly in real life but its fun in games to lol)

Fishing rods aren’t banned. I used one a bit ago. I’d check again.

You can use them because of certain TShock errors but i highly doubt yku can spawn them hnless its changed in the past few days

Oh, I think its because everyone has access to /i meaning the ranks that got fishing poles banned (can’t be spawned) aren’t changed but the ranks that usually don’t have the command can?

I dobt have ful axsess yet to ban certain item, but im sure Rofl will be able to explain it perfectly :smiley:

Please excuse my spelling , its hard on a kinde D:

Also remember what I said before, it seems that only crew and upward of that rank are able to use the rods to start with. Out of curiosity I had also tried to spawn Duke Fishron, however, he does not spawn when the rod is pulled out of the water. So at he moment I think that it’s at the perfect level where people have access to the items they want, but they aren’t able to use them.

There is a bug where he sometimes doesn’t spawn. I hope that in the future tshock updates, fishron spawning will be controllable through permissions allowing people to fish all they want without the problem of spawning him.

guys we can just have duke not spawn at all without commands

Its a bit hard to do that without moving the spawn away from the beach or banning the fishing rods and bait, people don’t generally spawn him, I check regularly as Deus (so it seems like no helpers+ are online) and people seem to be pretty good about it, at least when I’m online.

I think they have explained it pretty well, I am closing this. Also, remember, pm Rofl about this kind of stuff please.