Move PvP arena away from Boss arena.

So recently, a lot of people (including me) have been complaining about the Boss arena being to close to the PvP arena. The reason this is a bad thing, is because bosses occasionally worm their way into the PvP room, which makes pvp difficult, and renders the /warp pvp useless. I think we should move it somewhere else.

Yeah, I never use the PvP room cuz it’s too close to the bosses and it’s kinda hard to kill bosses in there >.<

An admin could easily copy and paste it, so I agree.

sweet i have been hoping for this because i was killed by duke like 100 time doing pvp and to like 10 people to kill it

In terms of V1, I can’t move that one, but most bosses shouldn’t get in because of the spawn in the middle.
In terms of V2, I’m not sure I ever finished a PvP Arena, and the actual Arena is really far away so that shouldn’t be an issue.
In terms of V3, yeah its pretty close, I’ll just move the boss arena further down.

great news