Morph and Seek

Yes im back again for a new gamemodes suggestion! Its just really sad to see that even tho zombies is gaining allot of fame; Its the only gamemode we have :frowning:

This suggestion is really easy to understand since most of you if not all of you have already played a game thats very similar…


YES! This gamemode is a game of survival, where you either have to kill the imposter and complete all the tasks, the Alien has to kill all of the crewmates or stop them from completing the designated tasks, and for uniqueness(not really)! There will be a hunter who’s task is to stun and kill the monster using fire to win the game!

The game:

This game will be highly inspired by Among Us.

There will be 12 players playing the game, specifically there will be 11 friendly players (that will do specific tasks): 9 workers, 1 doctor, 1 officer; And 1 Imposter(predator) that will hunt down and kill the players.

Every round your assigned to do your specific role, there will be 10 tasks on each map. If all tasks are completed the friendly players win, but if all players are dead the Imposter wins.

The players:


Hp - 100
Mana - 20
Role - Will scour the area looking for tasks as well as complete them
Ability - SS to use Run (Grants swiftness and panic buffs with a 20 secs duration and a use time of 120 secs)
• Darkness
• Curse


Hp - 100
Mana - 20
Role - Will scour the area looking for tasks, complete the tasks, as well as having the ability to heal players
Ability - SS to use Aid (Grants the ability to heal nearby players every sec for 20 secs with a use time of 120secs)
• Darkness
• Curse


Hp - 200
Mana - 20
Role - Does not have the privilege to do tasks, but will scour the map protecting nearby players as well as hunt down the Imposter possibly killing it.
Ability - SS to use Night Ranger (Grants the Night Owl buff as well as negates Darkness debuff for 30 secs with a use time of 120 secs)
•Pistol (-dmg 10)
•50 Gel
•50 Musket balls
•Darkness (will dissapear ones ability is on and reappear otherwise)


Hp - 200
Role - Does not have the privilege to do tasks, but will scour the map in search of its victims. Has the power to shapeshift into a human or a monster.

  • SS to use Morbin Time (Grants the ability to turn into a monster. Monster will be given specific Items and the following buffs: Swiftness, Panic, Tier 1 nebula regen, Tier 1 nebula damage)
  • WW to use Sabotage (Grants the ability to take 250hp from nearby sentries with a use time of 120 secs)


  • Psycho knife (-dmg 30)
  • Fetid baghnakhs (-dmg 20)


  • Darkness

Important Notes:

  • Every start of the map, all players cannot use chat until 5:00 mins have passed. This is to make sure that the monster doesn’t go friendly and asked to be killed. This also works the same for Officers who want to be killed.
  • The Items will be given 20 secs after start. This is to make sure that the Officer and Monster doesnt run around killing people at the start.
  • If Officer kills an innocent player, he/she will be given the “Cursed” debuff for 100secs making him vulnerable.
  • If a monster kills a player, he will be given the “Cursed” debuff for 10 secs.
  • Any more?..


Every map will roughly be the size of 500×500 minimum for fastpaced gameplay, and to make sure that there will be little space to navigate, as well as to quickly get to the designated tasks. Having a bigger map would make the game longer.

“Heck you wont even need allot of space since your gonna get blinded anyway.” - KeiGu

Every Intermission will have a 1min cooldown every start. This is to have a nice talk on who you want to team up with. As well as have strategic schemes hehe.


There will be sentries spawned across the map. The sentries will represent the Tasks that you need to complete.

Each Sentry has a max life of 1750hp, and every start of a game the sentries will be slapped with 1498dmg which would then make them only have 252hp.

To finish a task, you need to heal a sentry to full hp but it isn’t going to be easy… there will be a maximum of 10 sentries scoured across the map in different places. And because there are 10 players doing Tasks, every player needs to find their own sentry to manage (or team up to be efficient).

To heal a sentry you must be near it at all times. Being near it will give it 15 hp per second, if 2 or more players stand beside a sentry the sentry will be given its respective health for every player available (ex: 3 players stand by a sentry will give it 45hp per second), but if you go too far it will be on standby mode until it dies or finished. If sentry is fully healed it will explode in a form of a Firework :smiley: , but if sentry dies it will leave a tombstone :frowning:

Important Notes:

  • Sentries are the Tasks because they are already manageable. You don’t need to make a new system for tasks, and its more easy to just spawn sentries.
  • I gave the sentries a 250 extra hp to make sure that the monster doesn’t obliterate every sentry thats in range of the sabotage skill at the start.
  • Why 15hp per second? Its to make the game longer and to encourage teamwork.
  • Its important to count how many fireworks have exploded.

I’d like to point out that I made this in my spare time and have worked really hard on it. I won’t expect it to be made because as the Title says its just a “Suggestion”. I just really like to make stories and suggestions for future content. I would’ve made the suggestion more minimalistic but until its an official gamemode I wont be changing anything here. Thanks for reading untill the end.” - Your’s Trulei KeiGu

Some information may be confusing and I’m really sorry about that.

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new gamemodes have low chance to be implemented

server is already dying every day (joke). do u really think it could handle more


Idk really. Its just a suggestion I dont really take it seriously, I just love making this kinds of stuff. I dont expect them to be implemented but either way its still worth mentioning ideas.

Im gonna be studying programming this school year and im also planning on coding games, so having experience in making game suggestions is still a big win for me and my future

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i dont understand suggestion, but durtel said that complicated suggestions are likely to not be implemented so…


Yeah I wont force anyone to make it. I also respect the staff of this community, having extra ideas like this may come in handy even if its just gonna be dumped in the box


wait i thought i was replying to chad meme’s suggestion

i am only up for more gamemodes (and they will be complicated no matter what), but main issue is SERVERS

they cost and they feel like shared with RobTop


Uhh bruh… ngl it isnt even awkward, it fitted even if you didn’t know the situation xD

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I genuinely thought that you were commenting on my topic. But even so I respect your opinions on the topic even if it wasn’t mine

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Shared “with” RobTop dev. Studios? I don’t understand… is it “with” as in RobTop will be pairing for the servers or “like” as in like how GD has individual maps to play?


welp, some time before GD servers were falling almost every day. now i hope you understand meme

yes, servers of entire game, every 2-3 days


Oh yeah, the game cant keep up with the vast amounts of playable maps (Most of them are just trash anyway) and would cost a fortune just to have newly made servers.

Ngl I played GD before and have finnished all hard maps but didnt get to the demons sadly xD