Mori Legenda is using Dev patch and red's wings

Mori Legenda has been caught using red’s wings and not being frozen and/or punished. I believe that this results from use of the Developer patch.
there ya go

wait no i messed that up D:

How can we verify the person in the pictures are infact Mori Legenda?

We have no way to prove it except say that we did indeed see that was mori legend using it, and the character i photoed was using the creators wings so, all we can do is say that we saw him with our own eyes and hope you beleive the picture as proof. I couldnt get my mouse over him cause he was fighting bosses and eventually died.

I did see some1 using Reds Wings today, Im not sure if it was this person, Anyways Lego already banned the offender if this was that person.