More on Helpers.. again

So I’m thinking of removing the Rank entirely because no one in it seems to be doing there job. They’re all acting like they’re just Crew Members.

(one message after)

If a noob asks a question, you are there to answer it. If I don’t see any changes within the next few days, all Helpers will be de-ranked to Crew and the position will be made harder to get as well as Mod requiring Helper.

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I was there when that happened.

I’d be happy to be a helper and do the job when I can; I was a server admin in a minecraft server for about 6 months so i know what I’m doing XD

thank you :3

I did miss a few questions but that was from my chat being spamed with the buildmode pvp arena thing, then i was demoted after for going to eat dinner since I did stay on I was accused of not answering any questions while I was “On the server” Perky says that I didn’t answer a question but mungo did, this was from me talking to perky for a long sentence then I see the question but then I paused by pressing escape and typed to the person who was asking then mungo answered before me. If the staff says I was not doing my job I will listen I just wanted to say my side :stuck_out_tongue:

You didn’t answer several questions not just that one…

who are derp and darkness… haven’t seen them before…

Whoa what happened to the moderators ?

They got deranked for being inactive

Who were the moderators that got demoted?

I almost want to laugh… Perky wasn’t that inactive

Perky announced her inactivity. So therefore demoted for being inactive.

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Oh guess I missed that one

So maybe some slots for mod opening up? I can do my app for real on tuesday

i like Tuesdays. they’re fun for me cuz i go to homeshool group(gosh homeschool ain’t a word but ain’t is?!) did he demote all the helpers at one point?

Yes; I was the first new helper