Moral of the week.

Never under any circumstances challenge yourself by watching 47 episode content within 18 hours when received off of a torrent (UNTRANSLATED and having to translate said content from memory).
I feel so nauseated…

HOWEVER I did finish one of the best anime’s out there: Kaiketsu zorori… (It has three series roughly with 50 episodes each, all based off of a book series save for the last one…the second series is LOOSELY based on the books).

Next on my list to tackle is SGT.Frog.

Do note I watch the movies and even pilots if I can; It slightly irritates me though that the newest zorori movie was only seen in japan and was not uploaded (If you ever find a subbed version of “Kaiketsu Zorori: G-G-G-Great Adventure!” you’ll be a life saver in linking me it or giving me the torrent) , Luckily sgt frog is so well known.

Anyways Im going back to being completely drowsy from laughing so much and not moving for a long period of time x-x…


I know how you fell…

Explain what you mean. Most of the episodes made me feel like that because I got a couple (15) RAW and had to translate them by recalling my bilingual class. (Subbed is just plain easier but I can roughly translate simply kanji of which the show is comprised of…and simple writing which I can read but that’s another story.)

In the sense of watching loads of episodes in one period of time

Oh that really doesn’t bother me. Unless its not subbed; Im having to basically dual translate since I want to make sense of it and quite frankly the Japanese sentax is complex: Subject can be in the middle and the rest can be switched to the end OR front depending on if its accusative-genitive- or dative.

some of the episodes i watch start in Japanese and then sudddenly turn to english, which to me kinda ruins the feel of it

You mean the opening? Or the entire episode? Because I’ve never ever heard of that happening. That and if your receiving it from American broadcast’s it should be FULL ENGLISH. Even online I think the most you can get is subbed UNLESS its a running gag.

Kaiketsu zorori does that constantly.

im not to sure becuase it mostly does that at the begining but when it was reaching the end of the series it turned out to be japanese until around the last 3 minutes

All anime is in Japanese(Originally speaking, We dub it if we like it…Sadly sometimes the good anime never makes it dubbed in America if we don’t get the merchandising rights) . If you are talking about full length episodes I never find reading nauseating UNLESS its like studio ghilbi’s ponyo movie: She (The oh so funny mom) used Morse code to screen Baka over 25 times and yes it flashed it OVER and OVER. Opening and ending wise I don’t really see how it affects the whole experience unless you download it to a MP3 and find it annoying.

Then again im not all that picky: Please also clarify SHOW or Opening/credits/OST.

Going to bed lets discuss this tommarow. Night.

Well im english (if it makes a difference) and i watch say naruto for example on an american site. Not so much the newer episodes do this but episodes that were made around 7 years ago switch from japenese to english in the opening(first 5 minutes). But when naruto was coming to an end it started becoming japanese fro the opening to the credits and then it would swithch to english

I watched 103 episodes of one piece in four days man I waste so much… wait for it MONEY I bought way to much chips and drinks but I’m still skinny probley from the sleep I haven’t got becuase of anime

Dunder… >_> That’s impossible; Each episode is 20+ minutes even without the opening in closing it makes it around 18+ minutes. So you calculate that into a day’s time. (Which is probably about 9 or 10 hours since im sure you don’t wake up right as it turns day time.) It lands no where NEAR 100. Maybe some where along the lines of half that amount(Or rather 80 episodes but that’s probably horribly off, It is most likely around 60+); And then you have to take into account of the dubbed or subbed debate which determines if you can handle reading the lines…And then of course if its FANSUBBED or dubbed.

Still it disappoints me im the only one here who can watch RAW and actually get it.

I lost count on what episode so I estimated, I would say its like 80-100.2 since I had gone bored and lost it.

I confirmed my math with another otaku. You would at most have watched 63 consecutive episodes. :T He’s better at math then I am. And you never really confirmed if it was subbed-dubbed- or RAW.

Still no zorori links, this is going to bug me for weeks.