Recently, I’ve been venturing into the next tests around the website. A lot of the shoutbox’s changes are done via the chats in /chat0 /chat1 and now, /chat2. Chat2 introducing something new; mobile. I’ve been playing around with another type of design that would suit mobile devices. Chat2 will be bring both Mobile Functionality and a new special feature for the shoutbox; history. For the dedicated shoutbox page there will be a scrollable history of all the shouts you’ve received since you loaded the page. This means you can scroll-up if you missed something.

Right now, Chat2 isn’t functional, however, the primary page should work on mobile if you use this link.

I’ve only managed to test it on my PC, my mobile and another mobile device. This is made only for touch-screen devices. Eventually, the Public Room page will be mobile friendly as well and soon fully-functional.

on what does “Password (Given to you)” mean?

It’s a private chat area. So you need the access password to get in. Which is probably nothing at the moment.