Mobile Disadvantages of PvP

While playing PvP on mobile with NO controller, I had gotten used to pure mobile PvP. I can say that I do notice disadvantages when playing in this mode. I wish to share some things most noticeable:

  1. Swapping
    You have to grasp your hand into the bottom right just to switch items. It gets very annoying as it is not a key, but rather you have to touch the top of the screen, opposite to your controls. This interrupts play. This gets even worse with swapping armors as you have to press the inventory button which usually blocks the screen a whole lot and takes forever to do especially on mobile.

  2. Pokes
    Weapons work normally on mobile, but there are a few things clunky. Most notably the sniper rifle. The biggest problem is that the zoom is so hard to control on that weapons that you have to focus on controlling that. It also blocks the opposing part of your screen. For other pokes, you don’t get the full camera view if you don’t want to deal with the sniper scope garbage.

  3. Your Hands
    They won’t stop blocking the screen. On tablets, this is not too bad, but on phones, well you aren’t playing pvp.

  4. Control Scheme and UI
    Thankfully, you have control, but they always have to block your view as well. This is especially problematic with the chat. Makes PvP hard to master on mobile.

  5. Hooks
    Yes, you can move with hooks in mobile. The problem? Mainly in mobile, hooking is dedicated to its own analog control scheme adjacent / seperate to attacking, meaning to grapple, you have to stop using your main weapon for a brief period of time and focus where to grapple. But on PC, you can hook and use your weapon simultaneously, all with a single key.


womp womp
in a more serious note, just use a keyboard and mouse.


Supposedly on mobile, it’s harder to aim left because of the D-pad location.

And also, dual-mounting with hexxed branch and either of the slime mounts is virtually impossible on mobile.

Bluetooth keyboard and mouse with phone resolution lmao


Literally nobody does that, and its a universally hated tactic by everyone.


Besides me, there’s only one other player I know (another PC user) who dual-mounts with hexxed branch – I don’t remember their name but remember them using it a lot.

It’s honestly not hard to deal with since the hexxed branch hitbox is 4-blocks tall and has a straight trajectory. Pogo was worse.