Miniature Landscape Overview

Miniature Landscape

Miniature Landscape is a medium-sized map which is, easy difficulty, the map includes cloud parkour to purchase specific accessories. There are alot of chests spread around the map, Houses have three switches, which allows actuating certain walls, roof or furnitures, Most weapon chests are capable of crowd control, single target, depending on the weapons in the chest.

Chest Location

Class Chest Location

Right next to the spawn house

Accessories Chest Location

1 : Granite Cave, on the left
2 : Underground Cabin, on the right
3 : Dungeon, on the left
4 : Underworld, on the left
5 : Ocean, on the left
6 : Sky Island, on the right

Weapon Chest Location

1 : Ice Cave, on the left
2 : Desert Pool, on the right
3 : Underground Desert, on the right

Armor Chest Location

1 : Crimson Cave, on the left

Other Chest Location

Life Chest Location

1 : Below the house, on the middle

Ammo Chest Location

1 : House, on the middle
2 : Tundra Tree, on the left
3 : Below Meteorite Tree, on the right
4 : Temple, on the Right

Potion Chest Location

1 : Bee Hive, on the right



Explorer is a Melee class that has 3 weapon chest, capable of taking out crowded enemies early game, and late game. Weapon Chest types has the following, Boomerang, Yoyos, Swords,

Starter Items : Iron Shortsword, Binoculars, Heart Hairpin, Cowboy Jacket and Cowboy Pants


Scout is a Ranged class that also has 3 weapon chest, incapable of taking care of crowded enemies in early game, but can deal crowded damage. And deals more damage than Explorer late game. Weapon Chest types has the following, Machinegun, Bow, Shotgun

Starter Items : Modified Paintball Gun, Binoculars, Star Hairpin, Clotheir’s Jacket, Clothier’s Pants, 200 Wooden Arrows and 200 Musket Balls

Clear Weapon stats and Locations