Maximum Damage PVE Loadout Produced. Must Try!

I have made a loadout for the PVE dimension that does maximum damage. It does not contain wings, unfortunately, because it’s made to maximize damage (it also contains a shield to prevent being ping-ponged) (I would also like to note that the loadout also maximizes the critical strike chance.)

You can deal up to 36,000 DPS single target.

How To Use Loadout
Step One

Load the loadout using the following command:

/loadout load maximumdamage

Step Two:

Break the following signs listed:
Night Owl Buffs
Damage Buffs
Wet Buffs
Melee Buffs

After you have done these steps, congratulations! Feel free to shred bosses! (be sure to ride your mount)


Update: Updated the modifier on the zenith since Legendary(84) does more damage than Legendary(81).


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