Map voting issues (zombies)

My laptop can just barely run terraria so i have to play from my phone to play properly. I’m trying to unlock the wish ability but i cant seem to vote for the map shadow’s descent on mobile and while testing it from my laptop (which was a struggle since the moment there was anything on my screen it would start freezing) i was able to successfully vote for shadow’s descent and have myself join in on mobile. When i do vote from my phone it just says “no maps in the pool that match that name”. So just wondering why thats the case


Slight misspelings can cause that. Note that ’ and ` characters are different.

p.s. you said in your post ’ and that is definitely not one that is used

  1. That that was the issue and now i can do it thx
  2. Specific one is ( ’ ) and the ones that aren’t it the right one are ( ‘ ’ ` )
  3. I am dumbfounded that that was even the issue lmao

One more issue: If other players join and you voted for the map, then random maps get added to the voting pool and it would make it unlikely for the map to be chosen.


You can do /vote shad
to get the map voted


solution: create a new lobby by yourself and choose the map you want


you cant
it was possible before update that reworked voting system, but not anymore
it will say smth like “There are too many maps matched in this pool”

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