Map submission

map name: bewitched
location is in hell

contributors: only me (joseph0.32)

rating Difficult

Ownership: i do not permit someone else to take over ownership of my map and for it to be processed and setup without me if I am inactive or unavailable.

I permit unauthorised edits by administrators/managers.

Map name (bewitched)
Hp chest 3 (pt 500) (demon slayer class only) mp chest 3 (pt 1k)

Class chest (demon slayer)
Starts with (katana and a blind fold)

Class chest (demon tamer)
Starts with (bladed glove and devil horns) (perma darkness debuff if you can do that)

Corrupt chest

Armor (demon slayer) (shadow set pt 5k) (hellstone set pt 12k) ( cobalt set melee 15k ) ( hallow set melee pt 25k ) (monks head with shinobi infiltrator’s torso and pants pt 35k)

Armor (demon tamer) (hellstone set pt 7k) (crystal gear set pt 14.5k) (hallow set melee pt 19.75k) ( turtle set and foodbarbarian’s tattered dragon wings pt 30k) (beetle set (damage) 75.5k) (solar set pt 250k)

Golden chest

Accessories (demon slayer) chest 1 (power glove pt 12k) chest 2 (cobalt shield 5k)

Accessories (demon tamer) chest 1 (destroyer emblem pt 20k) chest 2 (worm scarf pt 12k)

Hallow chest

Wep (demon slayer only) (flying dragon pt 200k vary slow speed deals 150 damage)

Crimson chest

Wep (demon slayer) (classy cane pt 2k) (arkhalis pt 5k) (bee keeper pt 8k) (night’s edge vary fast speed dose 40 damage pt 10k) (psycho knife dose 50 damage pt 12k) (true night’s edge insanely fast speed dose 80 damage pt 100k)

Wep (demon tamer) (starfury slow speed dose 50 damage pt 2k) (breaker blade slow speed dose 80 damage pt 8k) (chlorophyte claymore slow speed dose 100 damage shoots out seeds from seedler pt 12k) (seedler that shoots out fire balls that bounce pt 15k) (brand of the inferno snail speed dose 300 damage pt 30k)

Ice chest

Wep (demon slayer) (cool whip dose 20 damage pt 15k)

Wep (demon tamer) (clinger staff insane knock back pt 17k)

Jungle chest

Wep (demon slayer) (grey zapinator vary fast speed uses 5 mp pt 10k) (orange zapinator fast speed uses 10 mana dose 80 damage pt 30k)

Wep (demon tamer) (betsy’s wrath uses 5 mana dose 25 damage pt 15k) (betsy’s wrath uses 40 mana dose 200 damage vary slow speed pt 50k)


This response is extraordinarily late, but nevertheless: go to your map and do /pos to find the exact coordinates of your map. Writing the location as “in hell” is vague, even with the mini-map reference you provided.