Map submission Underground Resort

Underground Resort

#1 Location of Map

(5383, 365)

#2 Builders

Failure 2.0 and NetherOw

#3 Unverified Rating

Normal because there isn’t much space to jump and avoid.

#4 Ownership

Failure 2.0


I permit someone else to take over ownership of my map for it to be processed and setup without me if I am inactive or unavailable.


I do permit unauthorised edits by administrators/managers.


I do permit administrators/managers to take over my map if I become inactive or unavailable.

#5 Breakdown

Player spawn location:

(5390, 386)

Enemy spawn locations:

(5419, 386)
(5337, 378)
(5340, 369)
(5379, 364)
(5344, 349)

General positions of the Weapon chests:

1.(5337, 382)
2.(5397, 357)

General positions of the Accessory chests:

1.(5421, 379)
2.(5338, 348)

General positions of the Ammo chests:


General position of the Armor chest:

1.(5354, 352)

Positions of the player stats increasing chests:

HP:(5403, 381), +15HP/5,000
Mana:(5361, 368) +10/5,000

Shadow warrior (melee)
Light prince (mage)

Shadow warrior (class chest location: 5388, 382),
Starting with:
Weapon: Gladius (not modified)
Vanity: Lamia mask and 15 void dyes

Light prince (class chest location: 5391, 382),
Starting with:
Weapon: Water bolt -d 9
Vanity: Platinum crown and 15 reflective dyes

Melee weapon Chest 1. (5337, 382):

Candy Cane Sword/1,800 <---- Replaces starter weapon
Enchanted Sword/8,000
Yellow Phaseblade/10,000, -s 122 -ss 3
Night’s Edge/20,000, -s 131 -ss 40 -ut 14
True Excalibur/40,000
Meowmere/300,000 -s 27 -ss 10 -c 0000dd

Melee chest 2. (5397, 357):

Blue Moon/10,000
Sunfury/ 20,000
Dao of Pow/30,000
Flower Pow/50,000

Mage weapon chest 1. (5337, 382):

Book of Skulls/900, -ss 1 -d 14 <---- Replaces starter weapon
Book of Skulls/3,600
Demon Scythe/8,000
Golden Shower/15,000
Cursed flames/15/101
Razorblade Typhoon/55,550
Lunar Flare/250,000

Mage weapon chest 2. (5397, 357):

Space gun/1,000
Bee gun/2,000
Laser rifle/4,000
Gray zapinator/5,000
Wasp gun/8,700
Orange zapinator/9,800
Leaf blower/14,500
Bat scepter/35,000
Laser Machine gun/60,000

Melee Armor chest:

  1. Pumpkin armor/400
  2. Crimson armor/2,500
  3. Molten armor/4,500
  4. Mythril armor, helmet/8,000
  5. Chlorophyte armor, mask/22,500
  6. Beetle armor, beetle shell/60,000
  7. Solar Flare armor/130,000

Mage Armor chest:
1.Pumpkin armor/ 600
2. Magic Hat, Diamond Robe, Platinum, Platinum Greaves/ 2,700
3. Jungle armor/4,500
4.Mythril armor, hood/8,000
5. Chlorophyte armor, headgear/22,500
6. Spectre armor, hood/60,000
7. Nebula armor/130,000

Melee Accessory chest 1.(5421, 379):

Shield of Cthulhu/13,000

Melee Accessory chest 2.(5338, 348):

Fire Gauntlet/ 24,000

Mage Accessory chest 1.(5421, 379):

Tabi/ 14,000

Mage Accessory chest 2.(5338, 348):

Celestial Emblem/ 25,000


Good job <3 now we see whos map is better >:)


I always look forward to new zombies maps. Let me know if you are ever testing it, if I’m available I’d love to.


also love to… except, oh wait…



Hello! Please avoid using lists for #5 Breakdown


I have no guacamole idea how to test


This is not a competition ;-;


that will be later


I believe once your map gets added to the map pool a custom lobby can be set up, given you have map builder perms. This is required so you can actually select the map. You will find all of this out soon enough.


#5 needs to be a list as per:


Noted, i will tell him that


Hi! The submission requirements has not been met in the allotted time; this submission is now considered inactive and will be closed.

If you plan to revisit this map in the future, please flag this message and request a reopening, or resubmit your submission.