Map creator hierarchy

whenever a map is selected after intermission, the following message is displayed showcasing the map name and its creators:

this is a more extreme example of maps that have a large number of contributors, however there is no way to discern a map’s original creator or minor contributors.
perhaps different colors could be used according to the contributor’s category, such as:

  • yellow for the original creator(s)
  • green for the secondary map creators (those who were involved in major aspects of the map)
  • gray for minor contributors and testers that were directly influential in map balance

the hierarchy should also sort the names accordingly, with creators being placed leftmost and contributors placed rightmost

Look, this just would cause problems, about who contributed more, for demonic golf club, i myself added small stuff, and helped some of the map testings, i dont think i am a somewhat minor, as i regurlarly helped the map achieve the map pool, so it would cause unnessecary conflict


yeah i agree that someone who placed one block shouldnt be in the same area as someone who did the entire map.

prob a bad idea, as the map name is also yellow. the colors would prob clash

also it should be sorted by the hierarchy, so in the case of your example image, it would start with galsia, then the secondary map contributers, and then the other ones

that part doesnt need to be in, it could just be a seperation between host and everyone else. even then, the gray names (3rd tier) could just be added for people who technically contributed, but barely. or it could be like the 2nd tier is for people who were always there and contriubuted aton to the map


That’s the list of people with build permissions and map editing permissions. The original map editor may choose not to include them


yes, but it also serves to show any player as to who built the map, so the fact doesn’t take away from it’s usefulness

yes but you’re not the “map designer” or a “builder”, helping in minor ways is in no way shameful
and if you spread out your support, you’ll have your name on many different maps but be known for your regular contributions instead of being a skilled builder or a map designer

unnecessary conflict is instead having some person that made a single tree be regularly confused with the map designer because their name is placed leftmost