Mana crystal/Mobile

At the time that i have spawn in the servival server i cant make mana crystal but the problem dont stop there ,also i cant give the stars to ather member because if i drop them they are gone. I know its problem of anti-cheat but i cant play all time with 20 mana .Same feelings probably have and other mobile users or would heve in the future .But now i have the problem and i cant play normal in servival pls help…


About why you cant drop things:
You need to have crew in order to drop things iirc,

About the crafting
Yea,survuval isnt mobile friendly at all, you will need to use a chest(to give to him the items) and ask a pc player to craft them.for you


Stars immediately vanish into thin air if they exist as an item in the world during any part of the day; that’s a vanilla thing and can’t be prevented. You’d have to transfer via storage units instead if it’s during the day.

Well, what’s happening to stop you from playing normally?


I think it has been changed so all players regardless of crew can drop items. Now whether anticheat yoinks them or not afterward I can’t be sure, especially with mobile players. The safest way to trade/give items would be to place them in the bins at each end of spawn, given that the area isn’t crowded or someone is trying to intercept said item. Or just find a nice quiet place and toss them to each other, whatever gets the job done.


wait what, I don’t have crew, but I was able to drop chlorophyte ores (for chlorophyte bar crafting – mobile users can’t craft these bars) to people in the past


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