Make starter kits after certain bosses have been killed to encourage people to continue to play on survival if they join late or miss a boss

Many people throughout the week miss certain bosses due to timezones, irl issues, d/c issues, etc. Adding a system after certain bosses that comes with weapons, money, items, life/hp crystals, and boss bags (for certain influential bosses like Wall of Flesh, Plantera, Eye of Cthulu, the biome bosses, 3 mechs, etc) would encourage latecomers or people interested in the server not to join back even if they missed some boss progression or in hardmode. In addition, making a decent kit that doesn’t overstep some standard survival progression encourages people to explore and learn what about survival is interesting, and not get bored or burnt out immediately due to dying constantly or being ignored.
Another server (which I shall not mention, due to possibly breaking the anti-advertising rule) does this. It has survival as one of their most popular gamemodes, and from experience, allows me to continue where I left off with decent gear to get more gear. While there may be arguments that people can abuse this and relog, a system to prevent this (i.e if a new boss is defeated and the player left withing 3 minutes of it being slayed), it can not be abused and encourages interaction with the bosses for a group effort.

Bumping for priority