Make PvP Manager into an Installable Application

[What is the actual item/mechanic/thing being targeted?]
The PvP Manager website.

[What would you like specifically changed about it?]
Can it be made into an installable page, like the Forums are on mobile devices, if not a standalone app?

[Why do you feel that this change is needed?]
Not needed. But it’d be convenient and neat to see.

[Anything else you would like to note]
For context what I’m referring to: the Forums, on mobile devices and Chromebooks (from what I could tell, Android devices at least), can be installed on mobile devices when viewing the page from a web browser, showing as an application on your device’s home screen, applications list, etc. If you install it, you get a shortcut for accessing the Forums through your browser of choice; it’s not a standalone application, it just runs the Forums in what I believe is a separate instance of your mobile web browser. Can it be done for the PvP Manager website? It’d be slightly more convenient for viewing the website for whatever reason, since you could just open the application to run the website in a separate instance of your browser of choice instead of opening your browser and then opening PvP Manager.

That would be sick
You earned my vote.