Make bosses get unblocked when they reach x2 strength rather than x1

(WoF is an exception for this, as it is broken at the moment, which is staying around x19-x20 strength the entire run)
Anti-rush has always been an issue for people that has their timezone close to around GMT+7 or GMT+6 like me.
As most bosses that has anti-rush are unblocked on around 3 or 4 AM on that timezone which is when they should be asleep, this makes people with that timezone almost always miss bosses that gets unblocked when they’re supposedly asleep, since bosses on x1 strength is usually a garunteed win.

Another thing to mention is how fighting bosses exactly at their x1 strength is very easy and doesn’t have alot of intensity in it, this information isn’t that important though.

Therefore I want to suggest to make bosses that has anti-rush get unblocked at their x2 strength rather than x1, this will allow people with those timezones to be able to do anti-rushed bosses and not miss it almost everytime.

Since bosses are on x2 strength by the time they’re unblocked, people will be able to kill the boss, but just harder than when it reaches normal time.

Being able to kill the boss before their supposed time compensated with the boss being harder is a decent and reasonable tradeoff in my opinion, and will still remain the important role of anti-rush, as you still have to wait for it to reach x2 before being able to summon it

(And if x2 is too early, you can lower it to x1.5)

100% agree with this.

gotta mention how utterly boring is the post mechs stage because of the plantera timer


This sounds very needed, consider my vote in.


I also agreee with this I am tired of waking up till 2:00 am just to not miss a boss.