Make a bot ping Survival role whenever Survival resets?

Survival role’s old purpose is to be pinged whenever a new run starts, but since survival’s reset is being automated, they’re not pinged anymore

so maybe use a bot to automatically ping survival role whenever a run start would be nice?

Would Be Great :+1:


YESSS. I always am late to survival reset 2-6 hours because of the removal of pings.


Do you mean that you are late to the reset because nothing alerts you to when survival is resetting? A ping would be nice I agree although it is widely known that survival resets every Friday, at 9:00 PM UST. If this ping is not put into effect you could always just set an alarm that repeats every Friday at the mentioned time (make sure to convert UST to your local time zone’s equivalent).


why can’t I like the original post?
but yeah, this would be nice as soon as i get crew and become more active on survival

(as soon as I turn thirteen this may and join the discord, that is)


Because it’s a suggestion, which I don’t think is supposed to have them. I think I remember seeing someone put a like on the original post on one of my suggestions before… somehow. I don’t know how, but it happened.


ohh ok

also, nice new pfp


Yeah…. That nice

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