Lots of problems with crew

I have had these problems for a very long time, which is part of the reason I quit the server a long time ago. Basically, when I login to my main character, (terrariabutterfly) whatever I type in chat does not appear, ever, which limits what I can do on the server. I can’t even whisper. And for some reason, I somehow had crew taken away from terrariabutterfly. Now that I have made a new character; JuneTheDryad, (an action that i assumed would resolve this issue) I am unable to login.

Any assistance in resolving this issue would be appreciated.


That account has been disabled because you have been breaking the “Only one account per person” rule.

Sorry, as pathetic as it may sound i had no idea about that rule. Am I able to get my original account reactivated if I stop using other accounts? Also, what I don’t understand about this rule is that people have been using multiple accounts for PvP, and have not had to face the consequences.

It’s characters, not accounts. You may use as many characters as you see fit. But only one account. Simply use /login “name” “password” to use a different character with the same account. I have never seen anyone use a different account for PvP.
/loadout is also a thing, so now I’ve rarely seen anyone even switch characters.

Ah ok, thanks for the clarification